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Hello There

I would like to know if anyboy knows how to do the math between Rate and BPM and also BPM to Rate ?

I obviously already know that you can use the a clock from an external source such as a DAW, but I really don´t like to do that, I feel way more creative when I use the rate knob freely rather than be restricted by the DAW tempo

Hi I am about to buy different pieces for my modular synth and since I am already used to Aalto, I would like to know wich "ENV Modules" work like those found in Aalto?

Thx a lot for your attention


Thx a lot Radiokoala for the tip and link!

Here´s the link to this same question made in the Muffwiggler forum:

Thx a lot for the compliments technomonkey :)

Yes, I do mean Eurorack, I was thinking about use Doepfer A-141 as well, but didn´t mention in the first post just to see if anybody would come with something different than what I had previously imagined.

and thx for the tip also, I will post this question also in the Muff Wiggler forum!

So just to see if I get this straight, dividing a 120 BPM, you get 2,then divive again by 4 getting 0,5 Hz since BPM representes quarter notes, is that right ?

PS: So next time is just divide 120 by 240 to get 0,5Hz straight

Thx a lot Randy, soon I get home I will try to apply this in my own compositions


Here is the prob. :

I have PC running Windows 7 in portuguese, so the directories from Aalto's manual don´t match with my version, basically I commit the stupidity of saving a patcht in another directory rather than Aalto´s usual and never found my way back to the dafault M. Labs directory...
Please help!

Prob. solved, win 7 and the hidden files were the prob

thx a lot for the attention Randy, I can´t see the time to get a Mac instead of a PC :)

I guess that win 7 is probably hiding those folders by default and I don´t know how to deactivate it. I can´t find even the factory default presets using the search bar