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Hi I am about to buy different pieces for my modular synth and since I am already used to Aalto, I would like to know wich "ENV Modules" work like those found in Aalto?

Thx a lot for your attention


This would be a great question to ask at the Muff Wiggler forum. There are at least a couple Aalto users who post over there. There are a few ways to do it; you'll probably get many different answers.

If you mean Eurorack, then here's my answer:
Envelope 1: Doepfer A-141 (VC control of all stages)
Envelope 2: the Malekko/Wiard "envelator" (AR with delay/repeat functions)

Which oscillator(s) and filter did you choose?

I would be very curious to hear what modules people would choose to achieve the other Aalto functions. The waveguide/delay and sequencer especially.... great question Francesco! :]

Thx a lot for the compliments technomonkey :)

Yes, I do mean Eurorack, I was thinking about use Doepfer A-141 as well, but didn´t mention in the first post just to see if anybody would come with something different than what I had previously imagined.

and thx for the tip also, I will post this question also in the Muff Wiggler forum!

Well I was about to say Cwejman but didn't know if you had the 500 Euro or so to spare.... :] Sometimes I wonder where all this money comes from.

Keep us posted on what you come up with, por favor!

"the closest single module i can think of off the top of my head to envelope 2 is the envelator. setting the envelator to cycle and playing with the delay can get some pretty similar behavior.

you can also do the same thing and more in a less direct way with the maths." (c) reignbear @ muffwiggler.

Thx a lot Radiokoala for the tip and link!

Here´s the link to this same question made in the Muffwiggler forum: