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I have been following the progression of the Soundplane for quite a while now, but I am growing conserned with the fact that we are hearing less and less about the development. I know you do not follow a set schedule or timeframe for the development of this project, but...

Do you think this project will be released to the public as a finished product, or have you halted it completely?
And another q (I know you hate this one, sorry in advance, but I really really want one): If you still intend to make this available as a finished product, do you think you are far off from doing so (ie. when?) ?



It's very much still happening. Obviously, Aalto was a big project and took over for quite a while. Now I'm back to Soundplane and working out problems in the prototype. We'll post something as soon as we have a cool demo to post.

I won't say anything about scheduling until the ship announcement. Thanks for your understanding.