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Got to second that, as you know, I have been eagerly awaiting the day you had opened up shop for the SP. Although a bit of a bummer with the customs issues as I live in Norway. I would love to preorder, and I was refreshing the site like every 5 mins on Monday in order to hopefully manage to get the first one :P

So it was a bit of a :( when the page finally refreshed with the news of the preorder. Hopefully this will be sorted quickly.

Until then.....


Yup, seems christmas is coming early this year!

From Norway here though, so a bit of a distance away from Seatle. So I'm repeating that request for some vids from the event. Also, please give a heads-up here or elswhere on the site when you are taking preorders :)

Yay, looking forward to it :)

I have been following the progression of the Soundplane for quite a while now, but I am growing conserned with the fact that we are hearing less and less about the development. I know you do not follow a set schedule or timeframe for the development of this project, but...

Do you think this project will be released to the public as a finished product, or have you halted it completely?
And another q (I know you hate this one, sorry in advance, but I really really want one): If you still intend to make this available as a finished product, do you think you are far off from doing so (ie. when?) ?