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I'm happy that 1.2.6 was a successful step up in performance for everyone, and fixed most of the glitches people were having.

Changes in version 1.2.6:

improved performance!
optimized patch loading
fixed Logic dropouts, improved Logic CPU spikes
fixed Live 7 UI hangs
fixed Sonar crash
fixed Maschine scan crash
fixed multislider parameter behavior
added debug diagnostics
smaller executable

There remain some incompatibilities with certain hosts. Here are the known, verified issues that didn't get fixed, in rough order of severity.

After a longer investigation, I can't recommend using Aalto in Fruity Loops until MIDI controller issues are sorted out. Notes play just fine, but FL Studio blocks direct access to all the controller data that Aalto needs to implement its patchbay. Until I work out a solution with the FL people, Aalto's capabilities in this host will be limited.

Users have reported that on rare occasion there are still audio dropouts in Logic 9. These seem only to affect multi-core Mac Pro systems. If audio drops out for you under Logic, please get in touch so I can collect more info!

Using the AU in Ableton Live 7 or 8, Live's qwerty note keyboard does not work when Aalto has focus. This is a JUCE / Ableton issue I can investigate.

On Live 7, there are some issues with the Aalto window focus. Another JUCE / Ableton issue I can investigate.

Aalto does not seem to respond to host sync in Rax v3.

The Zen preset manager does not work with Aalto.

My focus is on Soundplane development now, but I will be devoting some hours each week to fixing these issues. If you have something to add, please post a new topic here or email me at support @ madronalabs.