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Feature Suggestion:

I have two big monitor, are you able to scale Aalto to make it bigger?

Not soon, but yes!

thanks Randy

Brilliant, looking forward to it.

Yes please :-)

For the meantime on the Mac we can zoom in and get a large display of Aalto and be able to use it without any distractions.

Larger UI would be great.

agreed, otherwise LOVE it!

+1 for the option of a larger gui . i just bough a 13 incher and i'm afraid it'S going to be very small

I am on the PC, and find a magnifying glass utility a huge help.

I shan't say here whose, as it is a commercial release. if interested get me via KVR, username 'blob 59'.

Thanks for being careful, but I don't mind you mentioning other products... I'm never coming out with a magnifier utility. Promise.