ForumsSoftware ← no sound at all on Logic and sometimes even with Live...

I'm a registered user, 1.2.1, latest version of live and logic.
switching between patches cause loss of audio in Live. Logic instead no sound at all. when I load aalto speakers pops then nothing more...

Oh man, sorry for your bad experience. Can you please try the 1.2.5 demo, posted in another thread here, and tell me if it helps?

Also, what OS and what kind of CPU are you using? I can't reproduce these bugs at all, so I'm hoping a pattern will emerge.


10.6.8, intel core 2 duo 2.53 macbook pro.
I tried 1.2.5 demo and it seems to work fine so we're all waiting the 1.2.5 full!

Glad to hear! A bit of testing to do, then will send this one out.

This has happened twice to me as well .i simply delete the plug in and load it again to carry on working ,Using osx10.6x on iMac 3.06gHz 27"happened with latest version as well