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Apple has announced Logic will be available on IOS on May 23:

Will this affect any development priorities for Madrona Labs? I'd absolutely love a portable VIRTA on my ipad (along with all the others). With Logic, simply offering them as AUv3, even on pricing par with the desktop versions, would be phenomenal. I would really like to place VIRTA in a Loopy Pro effect chain!

Thanks for writing. I like the platform and still want to deploy on iOS. The pricing is hard. I wouldn't want to charge you another $89 for Virta iOS! Ideally one purchase would cover both platforms in the future but Apple makes it hard to do this. Fortunately we have smart friends with the same problem and I know we will figure something out, given time.

If it helps in any way, Modartt seems to have cracked the problem with the recently released Pianoteq for iOS. They have a limited number of license activations so maybe their solution is even overkill compared to what you would need. Beat Scholar from Modalics was released yesterday with what looks like a similar solution.