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If you're interested enough to check the forums, maybe you're interested enough to check the Aalto 1.2.5 demo out. This is Mac only at the moment. It should fix the problems with Live 7 and Maschine, and hopefully the dropouts with Logic some people are getting. CPU use in general is about the same, or a couple percent better. Switching between presets should be a lot smoother, especially on Logic.

If you want to try this demo, you can just save your old installer and re-install back over the demo when you're done.

If it's working well I plan to send this update out next week.

Hey Randy,
glad to see you tackled this issue
( )


Anyway so far so good with the demo in live 7.0.18,

one small GUI issue so far:
you open the Aalto gui. You work as normal, all good. Now you open another plugin gui leaving Aalto in the background. Everything seems normal. Until you click on Aalto to bring it back into focus.... it won't come back into focus. It stays in the background. you've got to close it completely and re-open it again everytime you want to re-focus on Aalto whilst working on a session involving multiple plugins.

Seems trivial compared to the GUI not working at all, but still worth addressing I reckon!

will continue testing.... looking forward to this update :)

Thanks so much for your work here and for getting Live 7 users back in the game!

It seems like both the AU and VST are working well (and Live 7 now starts up without a hitch...doesn't lock up when initially scanning for the new plug-ins).

Most of the time I use an external MIDI controller to play Aalto. I did notice, however, when using my laptop's computer keyboard (by clicking the yellow keyboard button in top right of Live), I have to re-click the yellow keyboard button off and back on again after I change presets in order for the keyboard to work and for Aalto to sound. Wonder if it's some kind of 'window focus' thing like 'donk' was mentioning. Regardless, a minor issue as I most often use en external controller.
Again, thanks for your great work. Looking forward to the update!!


will try out.

what about my registered one if I install this demo?

Hopefully you saved the installer for your registered version. You can just install it over the demo again.

I'm finishing up some details with the Windows side of things, and working to push out the release ASAP.

I'm having withdrawal symptoms!