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Altoverb 2.0 crashes in different hosts on 10.13.6 at once when loaded.
Alto and Kaivo are working without any problems.

Found this error on one host:
[51.437 warn src/window/Window.cpp:303 errorCallback] GLFW error 65548: Cocoa: Regular windows do not have icons on macOS
[51.504 fatal adapters/standalone.cpp:49 fatalSignalHandler] Fatal signal 6. Stack trace:
32: Rack(fatalSignalHandler(int)+27)

Thank you for the info, can you please email the full crash report to me at

This looks like VCV Rack (?) which is the one host I do know about issues with. If you have any more crash reports from different hosts please send them also.

update failed;
Error 183: Can not create file when that file already exist.

@mhazdra on Mac OS or Windows? Can you tell me where you got this message? Were you running the installer?

Windows 10 21H2. Running the installer (AaltoverbInstaller2.0.1.exe).

Deleted existing file "Aaltoverb.vst3" then ran installer again. Now old Cubase 11 Pro projects can't find the new Aaltoverb, even though it installed into the same default folder. However, I can create new projects with it. But this might be a Cubase thing. It has happened with other effect upgrades(but only going from VST2 to VST 3). So, I don't know.

Update: I successfully rolled back to Aaltoverb 1.0.0