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Windows 10 21H2. Running the installer (AaltoverbInstaller2.0.1.exe).

Deleted existing file "Aaltoverb.vst3" then ran installer again. Now old Cubase 11 Pro projects can't find the new Aaltoverb, even though it installed into the same default folder. However, I can create new projects with it. But this might be a Cubase thing. It has happened with other effect upgrades(but only going from VST2 to VST 3). So, I don't know.

Update: I successfully rolled back to Aaltoverb 1.0.0

update failed;
Error 183: Can not create file when that file already exist.

Cubase 12 is now out and it only supports VST3


Please consider putting the following health warning on Virta:
" Warning! Routing Aalto through Virta may cause mental instability!"

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P. S.

Might be a chicken egg thing


I wasn't sure I could use Virta (I have everything else in your arsenal) because I don't do much audio. But I found somebody on the web who plugged it into Aalto, so I tried it, and it blew my mind. It is like a Music Easel on steroids. So, thank you for the Christmas present ! I can't wait to get home after the holidays and play my bassoon through it.

Best Regards,

Ditto on the zeta and such.
Ditto on the childhood dreams.(40 years of synthesizer lust)
Almost sold everything in my house to buy a Buchla Snoopy.
Now I have Aalto !! I can keep my stereo, my bassoon, my sofa, etc.
Excellent user interface. My favorite VST because I spend more time playing and less time configuring.

Thank you, Randy and team, for making VSTs fun again (and also for saving all of my belongings)


Quick question. Is Aalto modeled after Snoopy? (or did BEMI steal your module configuration :)

I installed Aalto CM. This is the soft synth that I didn't know that I have been looking for for a long time.