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Yes, this is why I'm migrating all the plugins from VST2 to VST3.

What is your opinion about Clap, which is now developed to solve the problems with steinbergs vst development...

oh, sorry it is(that is strange, whenever i copied that in, afterwards it added "amp;" after &),
same that is really annoying! So last part should be: + "&" + t=574861
or use the upper link and delete the "amp;" part.

So every time, after hitting reply, it adds a "amp;" after "&"

That link came up "topic not found." Anyway I've heard of the CLAP initiative and I'll be happy to support it.

Cubase 12 is now out and it only supports VST3

@mensch.mueller got it! thank you. I'll make a note to fix our forum software here when we can.

VST2 is discontinued but it still works. :)

The only hosts that will stop loading VST2s are Steinberg's own, really.

And NI's now on Apple Silicon