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Hey Randy, thanks for the update!

I wonder if you have anything in the work to help change the scale in Virta, which is still very hard to do via the menu. I've posted a request about it last year and you told that you have some ideas so I just wonder what's up. It just takes a lot of time to pick a scale, and it seems so easy to just at least add a forwards/backwards button to the scale selection section. Sorry for asking but it's just very hard to make anything that fits the rest of the song when you use the selector menu like this, it's so time consuming. And when you have a sound that's really great, it's still not quite in tune and it takes forever to do something about it with that menu you've got in place.

Otherwise, still a great tool! Thanks for all of your good work.

Hi there, thanks for the kind comments and for your patience. I appreciate the reminder and will give this request a bump.

Meanwhile you could put some scales you use a lot into the "Scales" folder directly if you like. Then they won't be in a second menu and if you star the names w/ a digit or "+" or something they will be at the top of the main menu (after 12-equal). This will save you at least a little menu diving.

Thanks, Randy, this is a very useful advice, but I have to tell you that I tried this approach and prepared some scales in advance, but the nature of the experimentation is so you really don't know when and what you will need when the right mood strikes and when you're in the flow with the new song. And in the moment like that, chances are you'll want something you didn't think of in advance, and you often can surprise yourself with the kind of scales you already have in Virta, but it's just so so hard to find something that fits the track via that menu!

Sorry for ranting and good luck :)!