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Work stopped kicking my ass recently so I've finally got around to actually digging in and using Aalto. Its not a software copy of a Buchla machine, its, as they say, inspired by Buchla. I love this thing! Its intimidating looking at first but its also addictive. I've never had a piece of musical software that gave me a video game vibe.You know the feeling, your so immersed in a game you look up and realize you've been up all night playing. Aalto does that to me. What if I connect /this/ to /that/ and then tweak over here and...well you know. I just wanted to voice my appreciation for the boys here at Madrona Labs for making such a useful and /fun/ bit of software. Thank you! I put a patch over in the forum sticky post for uploading patches. Its called Mrs. Buzby, enjoy!

Actually I got carried away there are FOUR patches! XD

Aw, thanks! A very thoughtful testimonial and very much appreciated. That feeling of getting lost in music making is very important to me. I'll check into the patches. :-)