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So, I'm fiddling with zones and OSC now, trying out different controllers than just note rows and I've got a few questions:

First, 'y' type controllers don't seem to work at all. They show up in the OSC stream, but stay at a constant value of '0.0' despite the value in the GUI changing.

'x' type controllers seem to work as intended (question below).

Second, is it intentional that all non-note row type controllers are constantly outputting OSC data when unchanged? I'm not sure whether this will cause any issues down the line, but it is definitely causing Supercollider to get backed up when printing all incoming data for debug purposes.

Finally, I notice there's no differentiation between multiple controllers of the same type, other than their relative position in the OSC frame (I think, it's hard to verify this is Supercollider). Is this correct?

I was going to try MIDI to see if perhaps this would make non-note control areas easier to work with, but my Soundplane client crashes every time I activate midi.

I'm running Mojave (probably a bad idea), so the MIDI crashes may be related to that. Or maybe it's all related to that and I just need to downgrade (got a new/used computer and thought maybe I'd get away keeping the new OS on it).

Hi and thanks for the info. It's a small user base of Soundplane owners (for the time being) so you might be the first person to be running into these issues—I appreciate the feedback.

I'll check out y controllers and see if there's a typo or something.

I'll look at reducing OSC traffic by filtering out unchanged values. This design was an attempt to make filtering down the road more straightforward by delivering values at a known rate, more of a signal-based approach. I guess there should be an option to filter duplicate values, at least.

"no differentiation between multiple controllers of the same type" — each control area should be sending to an OSC address with its own name in it. I don't think that the names are force to be unique so maybe you have duplicate names?

I have not seen the MIDI issue and do run the Soundplane with MIDI regularly here. I have not tried Mojave yet, so the next step is probably for me to try that. Meanwhile if you can send me a crash report I'll take a look.