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Would it be possible to add value lists to parameters for the values that warrant non-contiguous values with decimals? Like for example you can't have 1.5 voices so a value with decimals makes no sense for key_voices. Yet that is what I see in Ableton Live 10.0.3.

In addition, named value lists instead of decimals would make a lot of sense for the seq_pulse# steps, like "On, Off" for toggle switches like seq_loop, key_unison, env1_xvel or env2_sustain, instead of numbers with decimals.

Likewise values like "internal, host" for seq_host, env1_trig_selec, env3_trig_selec and so on.

I'm not sure if these are lacking due to compatibility reasons, but value lists given to the host is available from other plug-in instruments that I use, so what I ask for would appear possible.

Thanks for the feedback. What format are these other plugins in? I'm not sure that VST2 for example supports this concept. I agree it would be a nice usability improvement for formats that support it.

I basically only use VST2 plug-ins, and a small number of AUs, mostly in Ableton Live 10. One of these is Waves "Elements 2.0". From this I get it all, named parameters like waveform names, rhythmic division names and On/Off, Integers and… modulation destination names!

How I would love if the Patcher was parameterized with destination names so I could control routing not via the GUI.

And yes, Elements is a VST2 plug-in.

This change would be a fundamental one and is not going to happen in a minor update. It is exactly the kind of thing I will be looking at for a major update (Aalto 2).