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New look

I'm happy to announce that our home here on teh interwebz, has a brand new look. The old site got the job done, but was not working on mobile and was generally starting to look a little, well, old.

Now we have a better-looking interface that's more usable. An update from 2009 to 2019, if you will. A year in the making, this overhaul brings our look up to date and supports mobile browsing. It should also respond quicker, and the infrastructure sets the stage for new features I want to add over the coming years.

Big thanks to the friends who have helped with this work: Joel Marchand, Brit Hansen and Philip Kobernik.

Looks great!

But what happened to the DIY page?!

Nicely designed site, uncluttered and fast.

@brianleu You can still find all the DIY stuff at Feel free to download it all!

Congrats on launching the new site, looks great!
I'm really excited to see a page for Sumu, hoping that's an indication that it's not long till the first beta is released!

The new site design is gorgeous. It has a similar elegance and (apparent) simplicity to that of your beautiful instruments. Congrats.

Thank you so much!

I really dig the new website look! <3

I LOVE this new look and can't wait for Sumu!!

Thanks folks!