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I'm putting out an update of each plugin soon for stability / compatibility. Meanwhile I'll be releasing a few betas first for Mac and later for Windows.

version 1.8.3 changes:

  • added handling of "all notes off" and "all sound off" MIDI messages
  • fixed bugs with Scala .scl and .kbm handling
  • fixed issue with step sequencer not quantizing to current scale
  • fixed issue with step sequencer UI not reaching maximum when dragging
  • more to come...

Hi, is there finally a new version for Windows with correct scala tuning?... Still hoping...

I've been working on other bug fixes here as well. It will be out in days rather than weeks. Thanks for your patience.

I'm still fighting another bug longer than expected, so here's a DLL to try for Windows:

It's just a raw DLL so place it into your VSTPlugins folder directly. It's only the 64-bit version with the tuning fix and other fixes.

The crashing bug preventing release currently affects only the 32-bit version. As soon as that's sorted I can make installers and release all the plugins.

Check this on Ableton Live 10.0.2, some presets have no sound at all. Mac btw

There is a known issue with AU plugins in Live 10.0.2. Does the VST plugin work better?