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I have just recently discovered that it is possible to load a kbm file when loading a scl file. This is great news!
Randy, since you seem to be rewriting the Scala part of Aalto, I would like to suggest that you let the user load a kbm manually for each Aalto/Kaivo instance. The reason for my request is that this will make it possible to have different sessions with the same Scala tuning but in different keys (not possible with the way it is made now).
Thanks !

I only recently finally found the time to make a more in-depth use of the wonderful Kaivo, only to find that I have the same problem as described in this thread : progressive degradation/evolution of the granular module. I found a temporary reset method : click on the checkbox for "lopass" in the Gate module, twice. However this is obviously not usable, when working a long time on a composition. It seems the problem has been solved on MacOs. Will the update be available today for Windows 32-bit?

Hi, is there finally a new version for Windows with correct scala tuning?... Still hoping...

I am sorry to say i am still having issues just to play mohajira-to-slendro in D. I am now leaving Madrona synths out of my music until the problem is cured.
Xen-arts synths microtuning works correctly for me. It uses .mts files.
TAL-sampler and TAL-mod microtuning also now works correctly. It uses .tun files.
Mts and tun files are both easily created with the Scala software.

I have finally managed to load a correct scale in the correct key, in Aalto. Though it only seems to work when setting the reference frequency for the A note of the scale. You can not for example enter the frequency of the root note of the scale, it does not work properly in this case.

Randy, I have sent you an email with an example of a kbm and a scl file. I cannot tune a simple scale in D, it does not work correctly in Aalto. From other messages, I understand that microtuning is broken in Madrona Labs softsynths?

You are correct, it should work that way. But then it sort of cancels the point of having a general scale file + a dedicated file for keyboard/mapping, as you end up with two files anyway, each time you change key...

I understand that microtuning is not a priority. However, in the perfect world, I would have also liked to be able to look for both .scl and .kbm in other folders than the predefined Madrona folder. You see, other VSTi's use microtuning, and copying tuning files sometimes is cumbersome.

Anyway, thank you again for you work, I think both Kaivo and Aalto are some of the very best sounding Vsti's out there.

Do Aalto and Kaivo react to the MIDI message c=123, v=0 for "All notes off"?
I am trying to build a patch in Usine Hollyhock and I have a problem with stuck notes even though I send this message to end all notes.
I found this site that describes the "All notes off" message : https://www.midi.org/specifications/item/table-1-summary-of-midi-message
My patch works without stuck notes with other Vsti's such as TAL-sampler and Xen-FMTS2.
Thanks a lot !

Randy, thank you for your reply. I have two Usine sessions for you, one with and one without stuck notes.
Please note in my patch it is "normal" that "all notes off" is required as I switch between two presets of a midi note generator called Mozys VST. So the only annoying thing is that Aalto does not react to the 123/0 CC midi message.

I have solved the problem in my patch by sending 128 note off messages. So it seems indeed Aalto and Kaivo do not react to the "All notes off" command. However this is suboptimal in terms of memory/CPU resource. My guess is that some stuck note issues mentioned in this forum come from this lack of reaction. Could this be added to the next version of both plugins? By the way,they are amazing ! Thanks for your work!