ForumsSoftware ← How to setup Virta in MPE mode in Cubase 9 Pro? (and/or Bitwig)

I'm having trouble using my MPE controller (Seaboard) to play Virta in Cubase 9. I have it as an Insert in the audio track but I see no way to link MIDI input to it? Is there a way?

Also, what are the steps to get this to work in Bitwig (v2.2.3)? I tried hooking it up the was it was explained in setting it up for DAWs post for Bitwig 1.3.6 but it doesn't work...

Thanks for any guidance on this. Would love to see this working. Cubase and Bitwig are my main DAWs.

P.S. someone on a Steinberg forum suggested that VST3 plugins allow MIDI input to them. I hope this is not the only way to do this though...

I'm hoping some Bitwig user can chime in. I don't know what might have changed from Bitwig v. 1 to v. 2. Can you be more specific about what doesn't work?

Yay! I got this to work using Bitwig's Note Receiver device on the audio track that has Virta on it.

And in Cubase, I was able to add a separate MIDI track and send the track's MIDI output to Virta!

So all good now! Maybe this'll help someone else trying to figure it out...

Hey this is exciting news!