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Just updated my Kaivo to 1.3.0 and I found that lots of my own presets aren't coming in right. I compared a working preset to a non-working one in a text editor and I found the format is quite different, looks like the format went from XML to JSON.

Any tips on converting the old format to the new format?


HI Roland, good to hear from you! So, probably what happened is you made presets in version 1.1 and then didn't do "convert presets" with version 1.2. I should have made a better effort to let people know this was needed. To fix it:

  • make sure your old presets (the ones not working) are in the old location of ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Presets/Madrona Labs/Kaivo
  • install Kaivo v. 1.2 (you may have to manually delete 1.3.0 first)
  • open up a Kaivo and choose "convert presets" from the main menu

This will copy the presets from the old location to the new location in ~/Music/Madrona Labs while converting them from XML to JSON.

If you have any troubles you can let me know here or by email to (support at and I'll be around to help.

Thanks, Randy, that worked back to enjoying Kaivo...

hi randy - same issue here. how can i get v1.2 to do this preset conversion? it's not on the main page anymore and obvs not in my account since the licensing change.

I have the "convert presets" option restored in Kaivo 1.3 now and will be releasing it shortly.

Hi randy - Same issue for me. I have lost all my presets... I have reinstalled version 1.2 but cannot find the "convert presets" option. Any turnaround?. Thanks!

Hi, Kaivo 1.3.1 is online now and has the convert presets menu option. In 1.2 it's in the same place, in the main patch menu.

Please note if the presets have been moved to the new location you will need to move them back to ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Presets/Madrona Labs/Kaivo to get the preset converter to see them. I have heard one report that the old presets somehow made it to the new location without getting converted. I'm not sure what went on there, so if that happened to you, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Randy - Actually in my system (Win10) the presets are saved in C:\Users\babacane\AppData\Roaming\Madrona Labs\Kaivo. I cannot see any menu "covert presets" in the main patch menu however installing version 1.3.1 have solved the problem. I have now my presets back. Do you think this is normal? I mean are the presets converted automatically? Thanks in advance!

thanks randy - fixed now