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Hi Randy,

I am thinking of starting a Soundplane DIY project. Do you sell, or is there somewhere I can buy, those nice 16-lane capacitive antennas you use in the Soundplane?

My plan is to create a sensor surface using two antennas stacked on either end of a dielectric, one arranged as rows and one as columns: the same way you do in the Soundplane, but 1/4 the size and with no wooden keys on top.

I imagine these would be reasonable easy to have fabricated if they are not sold, correct? They are just copper strips essentially?


The Soundplane antennas are not available. If you're making one controller it's not too hard to make a copper foil one yourself. you will probably want to cut slits in them so they are a little flexible.

I advise everyone to start with a single-point sensor to test your technology and materials.