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aalto 1.6.1 32 bit 7 , 64 bit , host renoise .

Steps to reproduce .
-set voices to 2
-voice output to pitch input ( log )
--seq is slaved to host tempo
-sequencer ( 36 semitones ) , - quantize on
-output seq pitch to osc.pitch in .
-sequencer first 8steps= zero
-last 8 steps/sliders = 36 semitones
Reloading the project ...the pitch offset is wrong plays the last 8 steps ( +3 octaves ) as if they were unquatized , slightly of pitch

  • it is necessary to to redraw the last 8 seq.bars to get the correct result again .

edit ...

Setting seq. to +12 ( guantize on)- is NOT an octave .
It has to be set to +13 and quantize on to get a perfect octave .
Is this is a design decision ?

you may find that mousing the slider to the top doesn't actually push the value to the max .. I reported this, it's apparently fixed for the next release, to get the slider to the max you'd use your mouse scrolling wheel (even though it looks Maxed out it isn't)

from my explorations, I've had no problem getting an octave with +12

Can you try the beta and let me know if it's better?

If not, please send me your test case as a patch and I'll try to fix it. thanks for the report.

aha .

Indeed ..the pitch weel scrolling does it right ..

Same with the wet output for the delay line some patches , the wet knob ismaxed out ....when clicking it ...the level drops but the gui/knob is still at max .position