ForumsSoftware ← It's time for the Windows version ;-)

I'm waiting for soooo long.
Please stop my waiting ...


tik tok tik tok .. 5 to 12, isn't it?

I've been checking the site almost every hour hoping to see a release :)

I finally did load up my 'hackintosh' to play with the mac demo last night but I didn't have logic installed so I just installed reaper really quick which worked nicely.

I at least got a feel for it, but I still won't be satisfied until I can load it up in one of the environments I use every day =)

I was surprised to see some presets in there that appear to be from Alessandro? did he create those or did he inspire them?

He made those.

I got a response from Alessandro shortly after I posted this.. I have all the respect in the world for him so I have a lot of confidence in Aalto without much first hand experience.. he said he uses it a lot and would recommend it to anyone... that's some high praise :)

Can't wait..