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Hey, i've tried using Kaivo's granulator in a more standard sampler-like fashion, loading in drumloops or single hits spread across 4 channels.

Using the trig input with Rate set to 0 and using note pitch to change the Y-axis value for switching/crossfading samples works well so far, there's only one thing that gives me headaches:

The granulator replays the last triggered grain at least once before updating the X and Y axis values when sending it a trig.
I've set overlap to the minimum value, which 0.125
Am i right in assuming an (as of now impossible) overlap value of 0 would fix this issue?

I guess this is a kind of weird way of using Kaivo, but to me it seems like a nice way of running several drum samples through the Resonator and then the same Body module, tying them all together nicely.

PS: I'm glad I finally made the purchase after all these months of living with the demo version, i even set up a paypal account just to get Kaivo, that's how good it is (: The fair demo policy kept me addicted over almost a whole year, the white noise bursts even made it onto a lot of my music after i've grown to like them!

Thanks for your purchase. I get what you are trying to do and would like to support this granulator-as-sampler use if it doesn't interfere with the granulator as granulator. With rate 0 and loop off, there should be no overlapping if I recall right.

If that doesn't help, can you send me your patch and some notes to support @ madronalabs? Then I'll do what I can to make it work.

I managed to find the culprit!
The problem is related to the key module's glide output.
I've sent you a mail, if anyone else is encountering this:
Saving and reloading a patch when this behaviour shows up fixes the problem.

(I've also sent you a mail with details)

Hi, I'm interested but I didn't get the email.