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My research in the microtonal field got me to Max/Msp (coll object), for which I would like to create microtonal text files with Scala. Most of the Scala files provided by the website seem to be out of tune since their output doesn't correspond with other files (Omnisphere .tun, Kaivo .scl). I tried to load Kaivos scl files into Scala, resulting in an error message. Am I doing something wrong or are Kaivos files somehow corrupted?

I have never tried using Scala the application. I use a text editor to make the scales in Scala format when I need new ones.

The Kaivo / Aalto scales came directly from a big Scala archive online and have not been edited.

If you have a different .kbm mapping for your .scl files somewhere, they could seem to be out of tune. Just a guess.

Thanks Randy. I'm not sure where to look for the .kbm mapping, but I'll give it a try and see if Scala can somehow be mapped to a different root note. Maybe that's the problem.

Did you use the Scala archive found on Huygens-Fokker?