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Hoping on the off chance......

Im unable to install either Aalto or Kaivo, no problems in the past.
Win7 pro 64 bit.
Explorer hangs and the installer can be seen running in Taskmanager, End Proces does nothing. The installer GUI never appears.

Doesnt seem to be a problem with MSIinstaller service as its correctly configured and installers from other Devs working Ok.


Matt was frigging Avast, everything fine once its disabled.

Cool, thanks for the update.

Lol, I just removed Avast from my system to debug something else, naybe just in time. (Also, now I will avoid Comodo AV - it seems to install some browser stuff without clarification - and uninstalls are not connected so you need to find out to remove it! Better than some. At least Avast uninstalls well. What AV is safe to put on a computer with half a thousand hours of installs).

Hey zenwarlord at, thanks for the feedback, please check your email re: duplicate purchase.