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I'm not sure if I'm off my head or something, but if I patch the pitch source into any input and increase the modulation in a positive direction, the dial readouts showing the modulation being applied seem to move in a negative direction for all voices. Resulting in less modulation. If you turn the mod input in a negative direction, a lower pitch still means more modulation as it should, but all mod values are scaled upwards, in a positive direction.

Have I gone wrong in the mind?

Aalto 1.7, Win 8.1, Reaper 5.04 - all 64bit

Pitch signals are bipolar—0 is the note A3. So A2 is -1, A1 is -2 and so on. The li'l dials (we sometimes call them attenuverters) will flip a positive signal to become negative, or vice versa. I think this can explain what you are seeing.

OK cheers Randy. Thanks for quick response.