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The resolution of Aalto's linear pitch input seems to be very low for the first quarter turn. I want to be able to modulate the pitch very subtlety, but it seems hard to achieve this.

Have I gone wrong in the mind?

Aalto 1.7 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit, Reaper 5.04 64bit


The linear pitch input has a very big range so that you are able to get these typically analog kind of percussion sounds that go from 10000Hz to 100 Hz in 0.1 second or something. (You probably know the sound I mean: like "chewp.") The dial being linear, this means in the first quarter of its range the dial will cover several octaves of a low note.

Of course, the exponential dial does better at resolution, but you are probably using it for pitch. The LFO and sequencer have output level controls, so you can control the amount of those mod sources there before sending them to the pitch.

And sometimes you want a linear offset for flanging effects and so on.

With the linear dial what I do is just drag real slowly with the shift key held down in the low part of the range, then i can dial in a few Hz shift. The UI can definitely be improved for these fine adjustments and that task is on my list.

OK, that's cool. Thanks for replying so fast. I'll work with the LFO etc. :)

You caught me during my morning coffee and customer service part of the day. :-)