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After updating Kaivo is missing Mac OS X El Capitain - tested in Ableton Live and Numerology

Some tips:

If the Audio Unit is not being found, the first thing you can try is simply rebooting.

Then I would try removing the old AU component manually if you had one installed. You can find it in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components (your home dir) or in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components (the root dir).

Then run the new installer again. After installation the new plugin component should be visible in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components.

You can also try this voodoo to remove your Audio Units cache:

For Ableton Live, make sure "Use Audio Units" is on in the File / Folder Preferences page, and try "Rescan" there as well.

Please try and let me know how it goes. This could be a new El Capitan problem.

I have Aalto (1.7) and Kaivo (1.2) running on El Capitan using Live (64 bit) so far doesn't appear to be a problem. (tested both VSTs and AUs)

(not on my main machine, but a machine Im using for 10.11 testing, so (I've not tried Numerology yet)

It's working! removing the old plugin and running again the installer - thanks!

Not just an El Capitan problem. Happened here in Mountain Lion. Removing the old AU and rerunning the installer worked, though.

Using Mac OSX 10.9, I had a very similar problem: the Installer did not replace the old Kaivo AU component, but didn't report any problem either. I then launched Digital Performer 8, which performed a plugin validation test and reported that Kaivo failed the test. I had to remove the old .AU, reboot, reinstall, and force Digital Performer to reexamine Kaivo. After this, Kaivo 1.2 seems to function OK.

So I don't think this would be an El Capitan problem.

BTW, are there any updates to thje Kaivo patches & samples library to go along with 1.2? If so, where are they?

These issues with this update are still a complete mystery. I am using the same build process here as I used for the last update, so I have no idea what could have changed. I'll continue to investigate.

The patches and samples are updated for 1.2 on the Kaivo page. I updated them to the new format and added a few example patches I plan to use in a tutorial.