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Hi people / Randy,

I love the aalto/kaivo sequencer, but just have a few questions about the clock ratios when the instrument is set to 'host' mode:

if I wanted to have the clock set to be 10/12 of the host bpm, (0.83333), does having resolution to two decimal places in the sequencer mean that if it's set to 0.83 in the DAW that it will drift away from 10/12?
Is that why 2/3 and 3/4 are the other clock ratios available?
Finally, it would be cool to have clock ratio inputs for each value, which would make weird divisions like this a breeze!

As always, love the instruments, can't wait to get my hands on Virta.


The sequencer / host ratio is implemented with a thing called a PLL, or phase locked loop. What this does is pull the sequencer back into sync with the host when they are close to matching. So at any low-number ratio like 2/3 they will stay in sync. At 5/6, I guess they will stay in sync just fine—please give it a try!

The ratios marked on the dial are at higher precision than other values, yes.

I checked this out. It does indeed stay in time.. Such a great sequencer in such a small space!