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Today I put an installer for Soundplane version 1.4 on the web site. This version fixes a problem with sliding between rows when using MIDI, and has improved filtering so that touches are less noisy.

The most exciting part remains under the hood, for now. Version 1.4 comes with the ability to build an experimental version for Linux. Thanks go to Per Eckerdal for leading the charge and bringing his Linux expertise. If you have the time and the ability to build Linux software, feel free to check out the soundplane repository on github and experiment with it.

Please note! This is not currently "support for Linux." It is an experimental build aimed toward future support. So please don't email me at support about Linux things, but please do share your experiences or questions on the hardware forum, and I'll be very interested and offer help when I can. So far I hear that it works—with some issues—on one Debian system, but is not playing well with Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi.

The cross-platform build is also a move toward supporting Windows. I'm currently focused on getting the next plugin out and there is not a firm schedule for this work, but it's a thing I want to see happen.