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Good morning Soundplane players, the Soundplane software version 1.3 is out now, with a lot of improvements for you:

  • MPE MIDI support. Requires Aalto 1.7 / Kaivo 1.2.
  • Implemented note splits to multiple ports over OSC.
  • Improved stability and sensitivity of MIDI velocity.
  • changed "z max" control to more intuitive "z scale."
  • fix crash with uninitialized driver on shutdown
  • allow 1-500Hz MIDI data rate
  • fix bug where pressure wasn't getting set w/o a MIDI connection
  • send quantized pitch bend on MIDI note off
  • fix touch tracker issues including zone-switch bug
  • fix to allow MIDI note 0
  • fix for double note off problem
  • fixes for MIDI glissando

As always, you can get it from the hardware forums, or from this link:

This upgrade doesn't work for me with kyma.
Is it because I have to specify OSC port in the mapping zone ?
Is it now possible to send osc at the same time to kyma, aalto and kaivo ?

I think I know what the problem is. Sorry to have overlooked this, but Kyma isn't part of my testing here because I don't have one. I needed to change a port number because of a conflict. I'll figure out a fix.

If you look at the new split example zone maps they show different zones being sent to different OSC ports. So you could have Aalto listening on one port and Kyma on another one, yes.

Ok, I will wait for the fix and use the old one for now.

Do you also plan the possibility to control the client via midi or osc soon ? It will be really usefull for live permormances.

Hey, I hope it was a simple matter of resetting the port # so I just distributed a fix.

The problem is I picked a UDP port for the incoming Kyma information that duplicates the default port with offset = 1 (3124). So if you have a Kyma connection that port will be busy and offset 1 will not for for Soundplane->Aalto connection. I can change the default in the next Aalto version, or maybe ask Symbolic to change the Kyma default port.

What would you want to control via OSC? I feel like maybe I asked you this so if you can point me to an answer that would be great. I'll make sure it makes it into the new feature requests list on github.

id like to be able to change midi port with a midi pedal :)

but osc port/midi channel and zone setup would all be useful

Ideally, what Id like is the midi output/osc output/zones (and transpose/quantise would be nice ) to be bundled as a 'setup', and then I could flip between these setups with program change messages :)

the 1.3.1 fix doesn't work with kyma

1.3 seems to be spamming my computer :)
it is broadcasting 16 touches continuously (with zero data) even when no touches are active ... whereas it used to only be sending data for active touches (and of course 'off')
not only creates more traffic, but more processing requirements on the client (as osc packet has to be parsed)

a bug I assume? ( as seems unnecessary)

I'll check into this, thanks.

the 1.3.1 fix doesn't work with kyma

re: Kyma, can you give me any more detailed report of the problem? What step exactly do you notice something went wrong?

If you look in the Soundplane app console, is there any information? Any error messages?

Is the kyma switch in Expert page on? If so, try turning it off and on, then look for any error messages.

I can make a debug version to display more info. Please contact me by email at support@madronalabs so I can keep track of the conversation better.

I test the OSC zone map today, and I don't succeed to send both to Kaivo and Aalto.

It's possible to send a zone to Alto and another zone to Kaivo, but not to send the same zone (the entire soundplane for me) to these two software.

Is it just a question of syntax or is it still impossible ?

This is not possible currently. I had planned not to allow zones to overlap, because of the many complications this presents. But if you want this I can think of a way to accommodate it.

I guess the easiest way is for a single zone to have an optional second destination. Then a lot more UI and so forth will not be needed.

Of course, one can imagine other layers, overlapping zones and so on, but this quickly gets nontrivial to implement, especially when a zone editing UI is added.

I guess you said you are a Max/MSP user so hopefully this takes care of your performance needs, for the moment.

Yes, I use a simple max patch that duplicate and route the OSC.

Ok. Yes, I use a simple max patch that duplicate and route the OSC.

yeah, but we don't really want to be running multiple applications, not only creates overhead but also points for failure (and hassle setting up, e.g. remembering to start multiple things)

Now.. if Soundplane driver and tracker were placed into a Max external, then that would be very interesting, no overhead and the power to do whatever OSC mapping you want... or even just send MPE straight to a VST etc.

I did this with the Eigenharp driver, wasn't difficult, basically write a C to C++ layer, but we have all written these countless times, so not hard :) , and you have to be careful of threading in Max.

(again another reason to structure code, such that the low level stuff should be cross platform, not too heavy, so that it can be pulled out from the UI, and used in different contexts)