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Here's videos of my two first performances with the soundplane :

(the first video of the playlist is circuit bending, not soundplane)

very interesting performances... Id be really interested to know how in Juglans you are getting the different sounds, sometimes seems to be percussive and other times orchestral, but I cant see how you move between them :)
"Chantepleure pour une planche à sons" is very dynamic, and I love the way your interacting with the sounds through the soundplanes surface.

Bravo! I love these quite different pieces—I would say of both of them that they use their time in a way that is well-considered. You are also using the expressive capabilities of the Soundplane very fully, with a kind of gestural language that is very suited to the instrument. I look forward to more!

Thanks Randy. This instrument is really great. I'm in a research to find the gestures, the sounds and the setup that fit correctly with it.

For the first one (Juglans), I simply use a numpad to change the sounds. But I'm not really happy with this. I don't want to have a computer or computer parts in front of me. I just want to have an instrument.

For the second one (Chantepleure), there was 24 tracks spatialised on the concert place, plus Aalto and Kaivo on the line array. All the sounds and the presets changes where in sequence in Reaper (with Max for dispatching the OSC). For the fixed 24 tracks (field recordings on factories), the soundplane was controlling low pass filters to open or close the gates. So all the sounds where virtually continuous, in a way similar to Aalto, Kaivo and analog synths.

But I'm searching something else. For a 5mn performance, it's ok like this, but not for an entire concert. Maybe a softstep for foot controlling the program changes.

Thanks also for all you videos Mark, they are really interesting.

Thats a really nice idea, using the soundplane surface to 'open a portal' into the sound that is underneath... not something I would have thought of, and gets your mind racing with ideas :)

look forward to hearing/seeing more :)

Great "refreshing" performances!! Loved Chantepleure ;-) must have bin quite a listening experience for the audience! I say this as I have done in the past some musical pieces for 4 and 6 speakers/tracks and its always very rich sound wise.

Soundplane seems perfect for this (and a lot more)

I'm debating with changing sounds/presets for ages; lately Mark did make an agent for EigenD to allow Program change and Aalto 1.6 is now also "friendly" to this ;-) (waiting for Kaivo !!)

Here i change presets and sort of "draw" in the Alpha keys..
Eigenharp Alpha+Pianoteq

I do think some foot work paramount, to changing about anything and sure the SoftStep allows this !!
A WII remote (Bluetooth) is also fun to use (not just buttons but its motion mapped to PRG?) also searching

Let us now your progress/sonic adventures ;-)

Great performances, Gael!

Wow! I had not seen Juglans before.

The piece has such a wide palette of sounds as well as dynamic range. I watched the video before reading the followup comments, and I couldn't tell that you were selecting sounds. I can see how that might not be your preferred way to play. Let us know if you find a different solution - or if you have any more videos to share.