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hi I m starting in this diy projects and im really interested in this controller, i studied sonology at the netherlands and i was in touch with this kind of experiments but didnt have the time to build myself, so please could you recommend some books to gather the knowledge necesary to build a project like this, im not expecting results fast since im new but commit to a project can help me get on my way and learn specifics to what i want to do

Thanks alot in advance for your time and for sharing your project

Hi Jose, I think the internet is the best book for this kind of work. On the software side, you can download JUCE and try to make some plugins. That will be a good way to get started. On the hardware side, you could start by playing with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi and get a feel for the communities of makers surrounding those projects. And then there's the NIME conference and all the new instruments people make and present there. These are a few places you could start.

Hi Randy thanks a lot for the reply. Im looking into that right now :) thanks a bunch !!