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Not presets per se, but maybe 8 containers to put your sequencer patterns in per track (or patch, although track would be nicer). No more need to smash CPUs with multiple Kaivos just to have several patterns available!

Also, the envelope would really benefit from having some way to modulate its amplitude. Some way to have the red output of the sequencer modulate its level (:

These are good ideas. Thanks for the feedback.

You can also use MIDI program changes to switch between patches in the "MIDI Programs" directory with different patterns. Make a "MIDI Programs" directory in ~/Music/Madrona Labs/Kaivo, and any patches you have in there should be available by pgm change message.

to pick up on the preset sequencer idea, i too have suggested this would be a good workflow boost, for me though, it would be handy to have it available to all patches, so some means to store a sequencer setup and recall from 32(at least) say would be great, mainly for aalto for me - alternatively it would be very useful if you could import just the sequencer part of the preset you browsed for, so you could store sequencer presets in vanilla normal patches and just select the one you want to steal its sequencer setup from

that intuitively sounds like it might be easier, albeit at the expense of designing a 'load sequencer from' menu command : ) - i'm guessing it would also be something that a scripting whizz could do with two presets in the finder (i.e. to cut the sequencer data from one and paste into another, assuming there's nothing else in the patch file a bit like a checksum e.g.

Hey @avantronica, tI think I understand the use of these ideas but I have to limit complexity somewhere in the plugin, otherwise I might as well just write a DAW. :-)

I know you use max but are running into some of the plugin problems in Max 7. Have you looked at Numerology? It's a mature DAW made by an awesome, independent coder, with a more sequencer-like set of features.

That's fair enough Randy, i will(have) make my own seq preset programmer in Max as this allows me to get specific arrangements quickly and to perform modifications or morphs etc. I have never heard of Numerology, will investigate out of curiosity. I like performing aalto or kaivo or crafting self-performing patches normally, i guess sequencing the sound in those is my preferred workspace. Obviously adding all the controller magic is so much easier with max and if i were using aalto/kaivo live i'd be using a headless setup perhaps with Max6 and MIRA