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Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, but I can't seem to find it: are there any soundplane presets for Kaivo?


I haven't put much time into that—I guess most people are making their own. Anyone got one to share?

I did do a tweak to the control signals to allow the Soundplane to play the existing Aalto / Kaivo presets more gracefully. this will be in a Aalto / Kaivo update soon.

along these lines - i would just like to point out (perhaps this is well-known) that the volume varies drastically for different presets when played by the Soundplane via OSC. for some presets, there is no audible sound, others are as loud as when played in MIDI mode, others are detectable but something like 50 dB lower in volume than when played by MIDI. this seems to be the case with both Aalto and Kaivo...

edit: [ Using AU version inside Ableton 9 w/ Soundplane firmware 0.9.5 & client 1.1.2 ]

The presets for Aalto and Kaivo are not designed to work with the Soundplane at all. When receiving OSC, the KEY module has a different set of outputs, and these do not map to most presets.

I have posted some Soundplane presets for Aalto here: