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Kaivo's update has odd behaviour with the KEY module.

Test patch:

  1. Load default preset.
  2. Set GRANULATOR's rate dial down to 0.
  3. Set KEY's glide down to 0.
  4. Connect KEY's gate output connection to GRANULATOR's trig input.
  5. Playing my MIDI keyboard at this point works reasonably. Occasionally it sticks on the previously played key.
  6. Set KEY's glide to somewhere above 0.
  7. Playing my MIDI keyboard at this point yields the sticky note behaviour consistently.

demo v.1.0 vs. v.1.1:

i then installed the demo v.1.0 and ran through the above test patch. This version worked perfectly when i played my MIDI keyboard with the glide set to any value.

As an aside, Kaivo sounds wonderful!

i'm looking forward to more RESONATOR and BODY models. Ones in the gelatinous mode would be a giggle :p

FR: A way to circumvent use and/or creation of multichannel audio samples. i would love to append samples in the GRANULATOR's y-direction. Effectively, stacking mono and/or stereo samples in Kaivo, as opposed to, an external sample editor.


32bit Kaivo 1.1 and Kaivo demo 1.0
MIDI keyboard

Hmm, odd. Thanks for the good and detailed feedback. I'll check into what changed from 1.0 to 1.1. A rate of 0 is weird from a math perspective sometimes, but makes sense as UI meaning "never loop unless triggered." It's possible there are some subtle issues here I missed.

Yes, that GRANULATOR module is fascinating! It's only been a day of exploring, for me, so i'm still getting my head around how its controls correlate. It's clear, however, there's oodles of possibilities.

Regarding the example above, when i said "sticky note", i refer to pitch value, not that the release stage didn't occur. The KEY pitch output is sent to GRANULATOR's logarithmic pitch and rate inputs. With one KEY voice.

eg. playing the sequence on a keyboard:

note 1, note 2, note 3,…

and Kaivo outputs:

note 1, note 1, note 2, note 3,…

This is true when the KEY glide time is above zero. Prior to yesterday, i had the demo of version 1.0 and i just happened to notice this difference.

Sorry to reiterate. i hope i've supplied sufficient information.

So embarrassed.

Enabling GRANULATOR's follow switch returned the behaviour i was after.

Thanks for your patience.

Don't be embarrassed, I just did the same thing and was about to make a similar post before I read this one. So actually, thanks for the help levendis!