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@randy (and all),

beyond the designated categories in the kaivo sample bank, what sort of guidelines did you adhere to when selecting, recording and/or designing samples for the granulator? while nearly anything can sound great, there tends to be particular samples that i return to. i can analyze what it is i like about particular samples, but i'm hoping to gain insight as to what sort of methods can yield better success when designing sounds to put into kaivo's granulator. i think this sort of practice is both simple and very complex :)

-given that the samples can be 1-4 channels....dynamic amplitude plays a huge role when it comes time to modulate the sample x/y position. a mix of silence and loudness produces a lot of dynamics when modulating the granulator, whereas a consistent amplitude level across 1 channel will be more static.

-transients seem to have a heavy influence on the response.

-when using MIDI to Pitch, Kaivo seems to quantize the grains to the specified pitch, which implies granulator sources can be highly atonal and still be used harmonically.

I tried to find sounds that weren't too resonant in themselves, mostly. The idea being granulator as "exciter" and the resonators doing their job. Of course, nearly every sound have some kind of resonance, so, this rule always gets broken to some extent. And granulating lots of things just sounds cool.

The samples have to be short because they are all loaded into RAM when the plugin is created.

MIDI signals are quantized to note values in the KEY module. If you put in an LFO or whatever as pitch to the granulator it is not quantized.