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when learning a controller assignment for Aalto's (1.5) filer cutoff, the scaling of the knob movements isn't very useful as it's very coarse in the low frequencies and too detailed in the high frequencies.
For example a MIDI value change from 0 to 1 makes the cutoff jump from 20Hz to 255Hz. When reaching 3 it's already at the middle position (725Hz) of the knob in the Aalto UI. This is quite a lot and makes really controlling the cutoff pretty much impossible other than for very high values.



OS X 10.9.2, Logic Pro X 10.0.6

Last time I checked, there was no way around this issue in Logic. The problem is that Logic's automation does not respond properly to logarithmic ranges in Audio Unit parameters. It does OK with its internal synth plugins, but not Audio Units. Go figure.

A good workaround exists: just send a MIDI control to Aalto and route that controller to one of the "mod" sources in the key module. (use mod cc# to select the base channel for the three outputs.) Then you can patch that control to the frequency or wherever you like. It should be sample-accurate (even when MIDI automation is not) and smoothed as a plus.