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Win 7 Pro x64
Renoise 3 x64 / Reaper 4.61 x64
Aalto 1.5.0 x64


I'm using Aalto in unison mode with VOX patched to the sequencer's OFFSET so that all four voices light up the red lights below steps 1-4. I'm using values in these four steps and the QUANT function with the sequencer output patched to the carrier's pitch to play a 4-voice chord. But, the fourth step is not having any effect on the pitch of any of the voices - instead the 16th step which is not lit by the OFFSET is actually pitching one of the voices.

Seems like the sequencer values are off by one or something when in this configuration?

Below is the patch I'm using. Sorry if this has been reported elsewhere, I couldn't see it on the bug spreadsheet.

<Aalto pluginVersion="66816" presetName="Chord4" scaleName="12-equal" key_voices="4" key_unison="1" key_glide="0.014999999664723873" seq_retrig="1" seq_rate="0" seq_ratio="1.5" seq_rate_p="-8.9406967163085938e-008" seq_steps_p="4" seq_offset_p="1" seq_range="8" seq_quantize="1" seq_pw="0" seq_value1="0.55000001192092896" seq_value2="0.89999997615814209" seq_value15="1" lfo_freq="3.4099998474121094" lfo_level_p="1.2799999713897705" env1_attack="9.7920007705688477" env1_decay="1.4399999380111694" env1_release="0.14000000059604645" env2_repeat="0" env2_trig_select="2" env2_attack_p="-0.93999999761581421" env2_repeat_p="-4" osc_noise="0.029999999329447746" osc_ratio="3" osc_offset="2.9802322387695313e-006" osc_index="0.29999998211860657" osc_timbre="0.11999999731779099" osc_pitch="110" osc_waveshape="3.7252902984619141e-009" osc_noise_p="0.15999996662139893" osc_ratio_p="-8.9406967163085938e-008" osc_index_p="-2.2351741790771484e-007" osc_waveshape_p="0.99999994039535522" osc_carrier_out="1" gate_mode="1" gate_decay="0" delay_input="0.35999998450279236" delay_peakfreq="10000" delay_drive="0.56999999284744263" delay_peakres="-2.6600000858306885" delay_feedback="0.53999996185302734" delay_freq="6.875" delay_freq_p="3.9999997615814209" delay_output_wet="1" filter_mix="-0.16678041219711304" output_reverb="0.68999999761581421" patcher_input_1="0000000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_3="0010000000010000000000000000000" patcher_input_5="0000000000000000001000000000000" patcher_input_11="0000000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_13="0000000000000000000100000000000" editor_x="0" editor_y="27" editor_width="912" editor_height="624" editor_num="1" editor_anim="1"/>


Yes, I see the issue. Let's say that the position of each voice is a fractional number from 0.0 to 15.9999... The initial position on trigger is set to 15.9999 so that when you start the sequencer, it plays the first trigger the first time through. A trigger only works when it goes from low to hi, so the voice has to actually /cross/ 0.

So, fixing a problem with triggers and timing created the more obscure problem you see here. I'm sure there is a way to get both kinds of desirable behavior to happen with some work. I'll look at this when I give the sequencer some attention soon.

Oh jeez the bug spreadsheet is way out of date, it didn't really make it into my workflow, thanks for reminding me about it.

Nice patch BTW!

No probs, it's not a life or death bug, just wanted to point it out! Thanks for the explanation. Who'd of thought 0's and 1's could get so complex when they group en masse?

Patch, thanks. No word of sycophantism - Aalto and Kaivo are my favourite software instruments. They are so musical and deep, very rewarding to explore and use. They inspire sonically and conceptually.

"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations". Not my words, but the words of Awesome Welles.