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Hi. I've been playing with a demo of Aalto trying to make an expressive breath control patch with out velocity sensitivity. Any way to reduce or turn off the effect of vel. sense on loudness and brightness of a note. Been mucking about with routing CC #2 to gain
without triggering the 2 envelopes with limited success. Any thoughts? thanks in advance. I have hope to buy/use Aalto w/ my Wx7 and Eigenharp.

best Stefan

Bypassing the envelopes should work just fine. Just start with any preset you like the sound of, and move the gate inputs in the patcher to your CC#2 instead of the envelopes.

Thanks for the quick reply Randy. I've be noodling a bit more ….. I guess I meant to ask, Is there a way to still use the envelopes with cc 2 ? The old TX 81Z modules had an env bias that would lift the "levels" of an ASDR w/ cc2 but keep it's general shape. guess I could send CC2 to all the parts of the env 1 or 2 but I think that would just flatten them to max times/levels.
Any tips or suggestions ?
BTW, Love the streamlined patchable approach in Aalto & Kaivo

Best Stefman

Well, if you put both env and CC signals into the gate, it will add them. This can often be what you are looking for. The velocity still works with OSC input, so you can have for example a quick velocity sensitive attack followed by aftertouch level.