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I have a patch in Max/MSP based on the Indian 22 Shruti system - I wanted to directly control Aalto using data from that, I have used midi control from Max and changed some params successfully, but I am having problems controlling the pitch control directly:

I am using the param osc_pitch and so the message is (osc_pitch $1) when I plug a float in, I can change the pitch control as expected. But when I plug in the pitch control from a float determined by the Shruti patch, the pitch control in Aalto jumps to 3520 A7 (maximum?) and then won't respond unless I reload the plug-in.

I am not using numbers outside the expected values as far as I can see, as i can manually adjust the float object. The float object at the end of the Shruti patch can either jump between values, or it can slide using a line object, but it is still just a float!

Any ideas here??

Ah I found the problem, the pitch expects to have a value between 0. and 1. - I don't know how I thought it was working before.

Ok - does anyone know how to scale actual frequencies to play back accurately(ish)? would I do something like (scale 0 3520 0. 1.)

EDIT: Ok, so now I discovered that the osc_pitch param between 0. and 1. is a logarithmic function aaaargh :P I think I have the formula for this somewhere...

I guess you are using the VST version of Aalto? VST imposes this dumb limit of parameter ranges from 0.-1. I think that if you use the AU version instead, you should be able to send the actual frequency as a floating point pitch parameter.

OK cool! Thanks Randy, trying this now

This isn't working for me either unfortunately :( with the AU version, it just sets the pitch to A0 regardless of the number I put in

Hi Ginko,

If you're using the AU you'll probably need to use the parameter number rather than the parameter name.

There's a thread about that here:

Charlie, you are a legend!