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For future updates, I'd thought I'd throw out some ideas for more bodies

  • Ball(large, small)
  • Spring
  • Huge reverb-y spaces
  • Glass bodies?


  • Cymbals? Drum Heads?
  • Doorstop(doioioioioinnnnnngggg...... haha)
  • Bent/Warped Metal
  • Triangle(even and uneven side lengths)

I don't know what Randy's got in the pipeline or what is computationally possible, but I think these would be cool.

I'd love to see more resonators and bodies in a future update.

Randy mentioned this before, he will more models over time for sure.

Hm - I'm wondering if some of the resonators can't be morphed into something else.
I mean, a cymbal is just a sheet of metal, right? What differs is shape, thickness and material. So maybe the tweaknessence of a Kaivo2.0 would reside in the possibility of altering these parameters rather than having one model for cymbals, one for metal plates, etc...

Same thing for bodies - the geometry and volume of the cavities is as important as the materials, standing waves will propagate differently in, say, an ovoid or a sphere, or a cube.

Just as a quick pointer to those that like to hack around things: in trying to overcome the 3 cc limitation I patched Numerology's "Modulation" modules to Kaivo and lo and behold - beneath the hood of the visible parameters I found a number of hidden controls (most probably grouped and mapped to the GUI controls). The limitation lies in the fact that changing these "sub-parameters" in isolation don't really produce any appreciable effect.
Caveat: I did not spend days dwelling in these remote layers, so maybe someone else with plenty of time to spare will eventually find the g-spot, so to speak ;-)


The choices for models are a way to distill all the parameters required for a physical model into a more useful interface. There are many parameters and in general, big areas in the parameter space that just don't sound like anything useful. So think of the modes as a map to the useful "islands" in the big multidimensional ocean of parameters.

One island's territory might overlap with another island at different parameter settings, so you kind of can, actually, morph between one model and another. This will become more clear as I add some more models.

Feel free to play with the mystery parameters but they will probably go away at some point.

as a small contribution I think that would be nice add the same arrows of the preset manager on the resonators and bodys.

I'm always trying to figure out what would be computationally possible... thanks for the ideas!

• Toy Slinky
• Steinway Piano Resonator
• Steinway Harp Strings
• Cello
• China Type Cymbal
• Tibetan Gong
• Mellophone
• Basketball
• Gong made of stone
• Copper Tympani
• Metal Tuba
• Water Phone
• Metal flute
• Plastic tube
• Vibraphone Resonator
• Liberty Bell
• large pane of glass
• Metal shopping cart
• Wooden Wind Chimes
• Metal Plate Reverb
• Steel "I" beam
• Clay Pot
• Tin Tub

i'll try to get all these done by next week.