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Hey hey...that's the first thing I did.
As per the Read Me First file instructions I created my own folder within the Kaivo directory and added my own stuff.
Works like a charm!

Hm - I'm wondering if some of the resonators can't be morphed into something else.
I mean, a cymbal is just a sheet of metal, right? What differs is shape, thickness and material. So maybe the tweaknessence of a Kaivo2.0 would reside in the possibility of altering these parameters rather than having one model for cymbals, one for metal plates, etc...

Same thing for bodies - the geometry and volume of the cavities is as important as the materials, standing waves will propagate differently in, say, an ovoid or a sphere, or a cube.

Just as a quick pointer to those that like to hack around things: in trying to overcome the 3 cc limitation I patched Numerology's "Modulation" modules to Kaivo and lo and behold - beneath the hood of the visible parameters I found a number of hidden controls (most probably grouped and mapped to the GUI controls). The limitation lies in the fact that changing these "sub-parameters" in isolation don't really produce any appreciable effect.
Caveat: I did not spend days dwelling in these remote layers, so maybe someone else with plenty of time to spare will eventually find the g-spot, so to speak ;-)


You will need to create the folder where you will copy your audiofiles. It is all explained in the Read Me First .txt file that comes with the install.

Running it in Audiomulch w/ a Monome patch (Decisions) triggering note and cc randomities... = Fricken awesomity + brainmelt #_#

MUST win some kind of 2014 award. If there is none available I'll just make one up for you guys...

Will test in Numerology as well to see if there is a way to overcome the 3 cc limitation with N4's built in modulation matrix (almost 199% sure it will work).

After-the-fact-edit: Oh yess my precioussss... and it's full of easter eggs... :-))

Glad to be a (new) member of the family!
Q: how long will it take you to send me the link to the real download?