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So here's the problem: I made a simple hihat patch for Aalto with the use of the sequencer for triggering the sound synced to the host.
After a few measures aalto stops for a few ticks then continues but out of sync:(
If I change the buffer size of my host to a different size 256 everything is fine but on lower settings my system starts to creckle on some plugs and with higher values I get problems with my ampsim while recording guitar.
All my other vsti with integrated sequencers are running flawlessly, it's only Aalto which stumbles.


Win7/64 4GB Q8300 Reaper 4.57/64 Aalto 1.41/64

Thanks for the report. I have not run into situations where the sequencer loses sync. However, I have not done much testing on Windows / Reaper. I am going to do some work on the sequencer soon, and will make sure to test it on Reaper.