ForumsHardware ← planned software mapping features in the Soundplane app?

has this been dropped?

has anyone else created a similarly functioning Max patch? [where one can re-map midi notes across the 'grid' of the soundplane.] thanks.

I would very much doubt this has simply been dropped

although it has been kind of dead around here lately
Randy is hard at work on this new physical modeling synth
then I believe the soundplane app may get some work
Then I imagine another run of soundplanes

or something like that but I know he's working on the physical modeling synth now though

I have actually been on the fence about selling my soundplane here lately as aalto really got me into hardware modular synths but I have been putting off really trying to sell it until I find out what this new synth is. Also The new monome device may give the soundplane new life!

Mostly at this point I want to just use the soundplane to generate CV so I think it would be better utilized in somebody else's hands. As I have not found any solution that would allow for no computer to be used.

I wouldn't be too surprised if the radio silence is randy trying to push his new synth out for the decibel festival on 0926

at least that is what I'm hoping

Hi folks, you are exactly right, the combination of working on the new plugin along with supporting Soundplane and Aalto customers completely blew my schedule for the mapping stuff out of the water. I apologize for the delay.

I realized a way I can speed things up. I will make a version where you can edit the mapping descriptions with a text editor. This will let me get the features into your hands ASAP, and add the fit and finish later. Thanks for your understanding and support!

The new synth is coming along well and has definitely been designed with the Soundplane in mind.

i figured as much, that's why i also ask if any one else has something to share?

i'd be very happy to use a text editor. thank you. do i need to email you offline, or will you make that public as well?

i'd be very happy to use a text editor. thank you. do i need to email you offline, or will you make that public as well?

I'll send it out to all the Soundplane owners as an option ASAP, and possibly put it on the website if it's looking good enough.

thanks randy!

hi randy,

i know you're busy. any chance of getting that text editable mapping? i'm happy to work with a beta or through any kludgey-ness to get started. thanks!

been working on it since I got that demo video out. I'll send something ASAP.

Awesome, thanks so much!

very much looking forward to trying any version of this out. i don't mind how kludgey, even if it's an xml or some such...


Hi dadek,

Thanks for your patience. I have been working on this for the past two weeks. It just turned out to be a bigger job than I thought to do anything that works. The good news is, I have notes working again and some basic controllers also, and will definitely send something out this week.

thanks randy, appreciate the hard work. [and i don't want to distract too much from kaivo.]

Still working out a couple of bugs! But very close.