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I am trying to load my own tuning files into aalto but I cannot find the folder where they are stored. I can find the Presets folder in the

C:\Users\Will\AppData\Roaming\Madrona Labs\Aalto\Presets

Folder but there is no Scale or Tuning folder for me to check out. Also done searches through my computer for the different Tuning names but that didn't work either.

Cheers :)

They should be with the factory patches in C:/Appdata/Roaming, not in Users. This assumes you are on Windows 7.

Or just search on one of the scale names like "slendro."

That's very strange, I can't find it. I see the factory patches but the tuning files elude me. I just installed the latest version in hopes that I would be able to locate it after that point...and yes I'm on Windows 7.

I have done searches for various scale names like hirajoshi and slendro and I don't get any results for aalto.

Also I dont' have an Appdata folder right in my C:/ - there are various Appdata folders in the Users folder but only one of them contains a Madrona Labs folder.

At least on Windows 10 there is no C:/Appdata/Roaming folder. The Scales folder can be found here:

C:\Users\All Users\Madrona Labs\Scales



Add a line or two in the docs where to find the scales folder.


Support of user defined scale files outside the application folder.

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Madrona Labs\Scales


Show the name of the scale, which is first non-commengt line in a Scala file with the tuning menu. The name of the scale files are incomprehensible.


Thanks for the info and comments on Windows 10. I'll update the documentation.

I haven't had a any other requests for a user-defined scales folder, so I'm not sure when this might happen.

The names in the scale files are typically things like "Mubayiwa Bandambira's Mbira DzaVadzimu tuning B1=114 Hz " ... which seems way too long for a menu. Better to save your own scale files you are using with more legible files names if you like.

I can imagine displaying the long descriptive scale names in a hover or help control at some point.

Showing the descriptive name in a hover is good enough.

Been wading through the whole list distributed on the Scala site. Man, the names are horrible ;)