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I'm happy to announce that the Aalto 1.4 update for Mac and Windows is live here on the site! This new version offers compatibility improvements, as well as over 100 new presets, improved integration with the Soundplane, and several features requested by users like you.

I have fixed the compatibility issue with Live 9.0.5 I wrote about previously.

1.4 changes:

  • over 100 new presets
  • KEY module now recognizes MIDI sustain messages
  • fixed LFO self loop problem
  • SEQ: quantize now snaps to current scale in KEY module
  • touches over OSC / Soundplane are now quantized on release
  • fixed problem scanning MIDI programs in MainStage
  • fixed possible crash with preset menu in MainStage
  • fixed unison mode for OSC / Soundplane
  • fixed zipper noise in OSC / Soundplane input
  • fixed possible OSC-related crash in Ableton Live
  • fixed a problem with OSC / Soundplane input when UI was not open
  • fixed a problem loading presets with default tuning
  • fixed a problem where window could become stuck after maximizing

As always, if you have an Aalto license, just log in and click on "My Downloads" up there to get the new version.

Thanks for the update. Are the 100+ new presets mixed in, or are they in a new folder?

yea, looks like the presets are missing. the preset installer still contains the old presets only.

Yup it wont install the presets here it says installation failed when I try to install them

i think if the installer sees that a presets folder is already present, it won't install (so as not to overwrite any of your own). so i moved the existing presets folder to a diff location and ran the installer again, which works, but there are no new presets.

Many many thanks Randy, and we look forward to your new creation---

To get the new presets, you can use the demo installer, which does have them. Then install the release version over the demo.

The installer checks for existing stuff file by file, so it should never write over anything you might have in the Presets folders.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for the workaround. Great sounds!

v1.4 is crashing validation in Logic 9.1.8 for me.

Any ideas?

Re: Logic validation, I hope to have a fix for this issue later this week. I think this is a problem with Logic’s validator only, so in the meantime, Aalto should work for you if you use Logic’s plugin manager to force it to run.  Sorry for the difficulty.

Hi Randy,
Aalto is also crashing under MainStage 3.
Please let us know when this is fixed.
We LOVE Aalto!!!
Cheers from NY.
Tom Bitondo

Hi Tom,

To help you better I will need some more info!

What OS version are you running?

What do you do before Aalto crashes?

Does it crash every time you do this?

Can you get any crash logs?

If you can pull up any Console output from the time of the crash, this is especially helpful. To do this:

  • launch /Applications/Utilities/Console

  • select "all messages"

  • click and drag to select all output from Mainstage about the crash

  • copy and paste into an email to

Thanks for your help! Mainstage 3 works here for me but I hope to fix your problem ASAP.

wait, so i already updated my licensed version to 1.4...
now i should install the demo over that, to get the new 100 presets,
and then install my licensed version over that again ?

That’s fine, you can install the registered version over the demo.

Or, just wait for a new installer tomorrow or so with the Logic problem sorted out as well.

oh. sweet. you're re-packaging the 1.4 update then ?

i so love this synth. its my absolute go to for sound sculpting.

Where is the download?
I don't know where "My Downloads" is.