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Ah I see.. And yep I was using an out of date IMac so there you go. I'll try copy/pasting on other devices. Thanks mate---

Sorry, I should've clarified- I'm trying to save the key file on someone else's online computer, then transfer via usb stick to my offline music computer--

Sorry if I missed it, but what is the way to copy/paste the new keys when the music computer is offline? I hit "copy to clipboard" but then there's no paste option afterwards. Thanks---

One can control the oscillators and/or vocode whatever.So its both an instrument and effect eh? And you say it leads you into uncanny valley? I thought Aalto and Kaivo were the kings of uncanny. Virta's going to be a whopper. Consider it bought Mr. Jones!

Thats quite a substantial .1 upgrade, thank you!

At least its not Bitwig-----

Many many thanks Randy, and we look forward to your new creation---

Waah, I miss my Big Briar! It was the kit, only the second time I'd soldered, and i must have done alright...great fun for the family. Not the MIDI one though as it was very pricey.
Alrighty, end of story. Theremin integration would be great.

Modular physical modeling sounds like some uncharted territory. Well, you proved yourself 1000 times over with Aalto, so whatever you do I'm in!

That's the most definite thing I've heard yet about "Product X"...would this be Buchla inspired too? You don't have to say...:)

Happy xmas and such to all you Aalto heads...

Thanks much- just got Energy XT 1.4 recently and have been learning about the cc routing functions, which only expands Aaltos capabilities. A never ender! Have a good day

I'd wear it in a heartbeat, especially if it's half as stylish as Aalto is. Hell, I'd buy the bumper sticker and oven mitt too...

It was a problem with new automation...did a clean un/reinstall, got rid of several files, and now the parameters line up like they should. Works like a charm. I'm not sure which file(s) it was, but I got it now. Thanks Randy, you're the man!

Hi Randy - I've been having automation issues with 1.3...almost all the parameters are improperly named when automated...when I automate OSC pitch, it shows up as OSC ratio, ENV1 release becomes ENV1 attack, etc. Almost all the controls are that way, seems the names have been shifted by one or two degrees.
Aside from that, it works fine. I'll use 1.2.6 until further notice. Thanks-

ps I use Podium 32bit on Win7 64bit.

Have you guys tried this? I've only been at it for 20 minutes but oh man. I think you'll like it: http://geosonix.com/top/
Rig it to your host and control softsynths or hardware...also sends OSC. The Mac beta is available on the front page, Windows coming soon. I found an old Windows alpha from February and have been using it: https://bitbucket.org/chrisgr99/geosonix/changeset/6b0e727fa bfafb05898c01bc502bce9d73b5dac6
It's based on Iannix(new to me too) in ways but diverges in others. Really it's best to just see it in action here: http://vimeo.com/user4679000/videos
Sorry if this looks like an ad, but it blew my mind pretty hard when I started with it. The possibilities are endless, and Aalto with it is PB + J...
Rant over now! Good day-

Good job mate! I can't ever get over Aalto and how alive it seems. Maybe I'll get an account on YouTube one day and try something. Good day-

I just looked up the Music Easel...I'll be damned if it isn't Aalto's really cool uncle! (Which isn't saying Aalto's not cool now) Hey Randy: did Mr.Buchla ever get a chance to see Aalto, and if so what did he think? Seems you mentioned that he almost saw it.
However Aalto may evolve, I'll be on board...if it goes modular, I may need a small supercomputer. The CPU is much better than it was, but my consumer grade desktop might meltdown...but I trust you'll keep it all in check. Sky's the limit with Aalto...

This is very much appreciated here, Randy. Aalto is an endless supply of wows and whoas. Good day ladies and gentlemen-

Just bought it yesterday and no looking back. Now I'll be getting rid of a good number of VSTs thanks to this. This thing is deep.
Randy - how did you meet Sean Costello if you don't mind me asking? Small coincidence in my head as I've obsessed over Valhalla Room recently, you're both in Seattle yada yada.
Anyways I'm glad to be a new part of this gang. Be seeing you.
John Shepherd